As we adjust to the new normal, I am struck by the daunting challenges faced by our food service clients. Our reality has been upended, and suddenly we must retool what we took for granted. Can restaurants survive for this period of time until a vaccine is developed? And is this period of time transitory or will it forever change us? I am struck equally by how much I enjoy the quiet days and nights at home and how much I miss the outside world. Dinner at home, for those of us fortunate enough to have others sheltering with us has taken on a valued social aspect. But boy, do I want to eat out with my friends, my social circle (if they even remember me) and my business partners. As I reach for the phone to order out one more time, I’m drawn to the simplicity

Circumstances have forced us into a new normal. Once, most of us dreaded the commute to and from the office; now, we dread putting on real pants and shirts. “Zoom” was once a children’s show some of us knew; now, all of us know “Zoom” as one of the hottest cloud-based video communication options — allowing us to connect with our coworkers and clients. During this pandemic, most Americans are learning what it means to set up work from a virtual office. Reports show that 67% of employers have taken steps to allow employees to work from home. Consequently, the question that looms in everyone’s head is, “Will things ever get back to normal?” More importantly, will there be a new normal when we have beaten this virus? There are many indicators that, while some operations may remain business-as-usual, others will become a thing of